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Wie eine echte Cartier Liebe Armband beschmutzen

September 19, 2019

Cartier LOVE Bracelets are one of Cartier’s most iconic pieces of jewelry. They were first introduced in the 1970s and have become one of today’s most desirable pieces of everyday jewelry for both men and women.

Cartier’s Love bracelets are one of the most counterfeited pieces of Luxus-Schmuck in the world. Love bracelets are available in many variations, including metal width size, pave diamonds and brilliant cut gemstones. All of these variants make distinguishing authentic Cartier Love bracelets from fakes more difficult for the average buyer.

Due to the Cartier LOVE bracelet’s iconic nature and global reach, it is a continuous focus of unauthorized duplication. When figuring out the authentic of a Cartier LOVE bangle, it’s important to note that not all LOVE bangles are made the same, since over the years, there have been changes in the design and style.

We at cmpjewelry.com are very firm when it comes to authenticity. We do not buy or sell counterfeit goods. We guarantee 100% authenticity of all our inventory. All of our Cartier items contain original certificates and boxes.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the main differences between a real gold Cartier LOVE bangle and a fake:

Every Cartier Love bracelet solid gold is stamped with a “hallmark” that indicates the metal quality. Love Bracelets made out of 18K gold are stamped with 18K, 750 or sometimes both numbers. Platinum Love Bracelets, meanwhile, are marked with the numerals 950. If those hallmarks are not impressed on your bracelet, it’s definitely a warning sign.

That being said, when Aldo Cipullo first designed the Cartier Love bracelets in the 1970’s, the bracelets did not include these hallmarks nor did they include serial numbers. This made it easy for counterfeiters to go ahead and flood the market with fakes. It is likely that almost 50% of the Cartier Love bracelets from the 70’s are fakes.

These replicas only loosely resemble the Cartier stamps. Below is the first example of how to spot a counterfeited Cartier Love bracelet.

When you look at the stamps, these are not the same, the fake often has a smudged Cartier logo and uses an 18kt stamp rather than the Cartier’s “750”. Ebenfalls, the fake’s stamp is not precise and is done quite carelessly. Das real gold Cartier love bracelet’s markings should be readable, even, and smooth.

Take a look at this example of a white gold 6 diamond love bangle:

Das 6 diamond white gold Love Bangle Has a different Cartier S.A. stamp.

Another tip is to take a look at the spelling and font of the Cartier name and other hallmarks. If you catch a misspelling or it’s not in the cursive font, the Cartier Love bracelet is definitely a fake.

Here you can see that the engravings on the diamond bangle are in the wrong place.

Each of these knock-offs have a different font from the next – and from the authentic bracelet – for the “750” stamp.


Cartier’s brand was built on using only the highest quality of gold and platinum so one of the biggest hints of a fake is the weight of the bracelet. The bracelet should weigh between 30-38 Gramm (about five to six US quarters), this of course depends on the exact model you’ve selected. When you compare the genuine Love bracelet to a forgery, the fake will be lighter.

You must also be aware of the color of the metal. Obvious issues are chipping or discoloration.


When looking at the screws, there have been recent updates to the design. The screws are now attached to the bracelet.

Real Cartier Love bracelets are very precise and the screws perfectly stamped into the metal. The screw stamps on the replicas are not properly aligned, uneven, and not a smooth surface.

On this fake Cartier love bangle, the screws slightly overlap into the other side – remember that any sign of the smallest imperfection means you very well might be looking at a fake. Ebenfalls, the all diamond bangle’s screw axes are too wide. Notice how much thinner they are on the authentic Cartier Love bangle below.

Since Cartier is known for their quality, the screws will always be flawless.

When you review the authentic Cartier Love bracelet real gold, the edges are crisp and precise. The screws should turn easily with the screwdriver. When you see a replica Cartier Love bracelet solid gold, the sides have a curvature that makes it appear more round. The screws are also much more difficult to open.

We offer real 18k gold Cartier love bracelet customized. All details will be the same as original, and the price only about 8% - 10% of original. Welcome to contact us to get a free quote.

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    The Love Bracelet is Cartier’s signature jewelry design and arguably the most popular piece in Cartier’s vast collection.

    Der unverwechselbare Design Love-Armband verfügt über perfekt voneinander Schrauben. This unique detail was inspired by the medieval chastity belt folklore and is meant to symbolize devotion and faithfulness. Im Gegenzug, die Liebes-Armband enthält einen Schraubenzieher Ihr so ​​nur bedeutende andere können „entsperren“ das Armband.

    Während Sie mit diesem ikonischen Armband sehr vertraut können, Sie können ein wenig nervös sein, wenn es offen zu schrauben und schloss die ersten paar Male kommt. Hier sind ein Video-Tutorial, Ihnen zu zeigen, wie einfach sperren Sie Ihre Cartier Liebe Armband und die dünnere neue Cartier Liebe Armband, Klein. Plus the video shows how to pull open and push closed your Cartier Juste un Clou!

    Wie Schloss geschlossen Ihre Cartier Liebe Armband, Kleine Größe
    1.Legen Sie die beiden Hälften des Cartier Liebe Armband, Klein um das Handgelenk.
    2. Mit dem mitgelieferten Cartier Schraubendreher, Drehen der Schraube am Verschluss eine halbe Umdrehung im Gegenuhrzeigersinn. Sobald passt die Schraube die anderen Nieten, das Armband ist gesperrt.

    Wie Schloss geschlossen Ihre Cartier Liebe Armband
    1. Legen Sie die beiden Hälften des Cartier Liebe Armband um das Handgelenk.
    2. Verwenden Sie die mitgelieferte Cartier Schraubendreher die Schraube die Schraube etwa zwei volle Umdrehungen im Uhrzeigersinn drehen.
    3. Der Niet von der verriegelten Schraube muss nicht die anderen Nieten zu halten, um zu verriegeln.

    How to Put On and Take Off Your Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet
    1. Zu tragen Ihr Armband, einfach Verschluss des Armbandes shut.
    2. So entfernen Sie Ihre Juste un CLOU, leicht drückt auf dem Trennmechanismus, der an der Unterseite des Armbands um es zu öffnen.

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