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How much to spend on creating a custom made engagement ring

九月 10, 2019

At the first moment when you finally make that big decision to take the leap and ask your partner to marry you finances are probably not the first or even second or third thought in your head. It is probably not part of your life consideration plan nor are we saying it should be, at that moment. However knowing how much to spend on an engagement ring to ask your partner to marry you is very important.

Particularly because this is a beautiful and delicate moment in both of your lifetimes. It is important to consider a whole lot of questions before getting right down to purchasing the ring of your or their dreams. There is no one right answer in the end it is specific to you and your specific conditions so therefore let us have a look at what to consider when figuring out how much you are going to spend on an engagement ring. Because the most important step before purchasing is doing your research and discovering a ring, and jeweller, that you are happy with and can trust.

You may need to or choose to finance the engagement ring of your dreams. That may turn out to be the very best choice for you. Or you may even come to the conclusion that what is best for you and your future life partner is to build a ring of your own. Perhaps you have a family jewel that you want to incorporate into the ring. Or perhaps you have a very unique condition for the engagement and are sparing no expense. Which we know that particularly for the one we love we all want to do. However, even in that scenario it is still important to take quite a few considerations into account before moving forward.

How much to spend on an engagement ring

When it comes to the question of how much money to actually spend on an engagement ring the truth is that there is no straight foward answer. Much like an engagement ring itself there is no one size fits all, no percentage of income nor an exact figure. Sorry but that is the truth. Like almost all of the best things in life the answer to this question is unique to each and every single person. Like your love and relationship and your journey to finally meet and come together the very financial question of how much to spend on an engagement ring is actually a series of other questions! It ranges from the open ended question of what kind of ring are you looking for all the way to what is the ring that realistically you can afford. Taking into consideration that there is bound to be a wedding!

Those celebrations do after all cost a pretty penny. And so the future costs, like a wedding band, and all of those should be kept in mind as well. From there we can begin to gauge how to get the best deal for your money. In this case we really do measure best by closest to you and your partner’s dream ring. So let us get right down to it – what is it that you need to know before asking how much to spend on an engagement ring? Well, first of all, it would be what is your budget but perhaps that might be a bit of a too broad question. So let us take a look at what the components that will go into the ring are and how much those will cost. That is right! Each part of an engagement ring is a component with a cost range.

Different styles of engagement rings

One important thing to note when trying to find how much to spend on an engagement ring is the style of engagement ring that you are looking for as well. Depending on the size, cut and style of the ring the price and how much you will ultimately spend on it can range quite significantly. A quick note on the different types of engagement rings – there are solitaires, three diamond, diamond halo, special color diamonds and many more. There are options for double halo features as well.

If you look in the photo below you will see that there are a full range of options available to you. All in incredible styles and designs with incredible colors and hues. The designs range from classic to modern and everything in between. The cut of the stone matters very much, and so of course impacts the setting as well, but that is not all.

Then you still have the accent features and additional diamonds that give a spark. Mixing metals, styles and colors takes engagement rings into the levels of fine jewelery making indeed. Robust, fine, delicate, sleek or romantic there are millions of styles and each one requires a different level of technique, expertise and therefore expense.

Choosing a style that works for you and for your budget is important. With this many options available out there though it is not that difficult do not worry. Also, at Diamonds by Cmpjewelry you have seasoned experts ready to assist you at every step of the way. Including finding the perfect ring.

Halos and special diamond features

Engagement rings can also be designed with a bit more flair adding accents stones and diamonds. Diamond halos do precisely this. Incredible diamond halo features and accent diamond bands are stunning. Each and every single ring that has these features has a splendor and sparkle unique for your own personal preference. Adorning the centre diamond stone of an engagement ring the halo radiates out. This gives the perception of a larger stone. As well as add to the stone’s shine and brightness as the diamonds all reflect against one another.

No matter what type of diamond cut you prefer for your engagement ring center stone there is one just for you with a halo and accent possibility. Diamond halo and accent diamond features can be added on after the final creation of your ring. So if a detail like this is something you and your partner are interested in or think you may be in the future just know that it is an option! Most of the time you can bring your engagement ring in to have a custom accent diamond feature like a diamond halo added on. It is a flexibility that comes with knowing you have trustworthy experts on your side. Ones that can take your dreams and bring them to reality.

How much to spend on creating a custom made engagement ring

Maybe your ideal dream engagement ring is not one made by a certain company. Perhaps it is a ring that has never been made before at all. It is a unique and incredible custom made engagement ring. One that comes from your heart and mind. A design that you craft yourself alongside a master jeweller who can bring your creation to life. For a unique custom made ring you need to settle on a design, search for the ideal stone, and keep the time in mind for masterful creation of your dream ring. It may not be straightforward that is for sure. However there are simply so many resources available. You do not have to figure it all out on your own. Also there are so many inspirations around now a days. Our custom jewellery making services include working with a designer to make sure your dream ring is crafted.

There are just certain rings that really must be custom made in order to fit into the desired design. For example the unique interlocking or special order ring, or perhaps one featuring a mixture of styles. That is why we offer custom engagement ring services. We discuss with you at our gorgeous showrooms and produce a 3D drawing of exactly how your jewelry piece will look. The materials we use are only of the finest quality and we source our own diamonds and stones. So do not worry if you want a custom ring but do not have a stone quite yet. How much you spend is really free reign as you get to call the shots with a custom ring. It is important to note though that the cost may be higher than choosing an existing ring. It’s a ring that is being tailor made to order after all.

Financing the engagement ring of your dreams

For some of us the engagement ring of our dreams might require a bit of financing. And for those that have some savvy ways with their money financing might be the way you allow for more flexibility and freedom. Not only in the way that you pay but also in how far you go with your desired ring. It gives you breathing room and takes your options a bit further. It can expand the selection pool from which you can search for your unique and ideal engagement ring. When it comes to the financing of the engagement ring of your dreams it is important to do your own research. Of course never go into a financing deal with someone that you do not trust. And never ever simply sign or get financing without having a proper look and think about what it is that you are signing up for too!

Now that we have those life basics out of the way. Which really you should use for any big purchases that you are contemplating finding financing for. Let us get to how you can finance the engagement ring of your dreams! At Diamonds by Cmpjewelry we offer financing on engagement rings to help couples get the ring that they want. Our special 0% financing for rings purchased in store is available for a majority of our hand picked selection. Our financing program also includes a different kind of payment method. Through Affirm we give you flexible payment options for easy monthly payments. You can check it all out on our financing page or come into one of our stores to speak with an expert about it. You will need to apply and it is subject to credit approval, as per usual with almost any financing. Check this option out!

Diamonds by Cmpjewelry the place to get help on figuring out how much to spend on an engagement ring

When it comes to finding the perfect place to buy your dream ring you need to find a team that you can trust. A group of people that you know are committed to helping you and supporting you through this exciting and yes quite nervous making period of time. It is one of those when you have to really be comfortable with your sales people. This is not a one time see you never purchase. When you are buying an engagement ring you want that purchase to be with someone that you can come back to. The people that will help and guide you when it comes to maintaining and caring for that once (for some) in a lifetime piece of jewelry. It is the veterans that have an eye for quality and an open door, and heart, policy.

We’re in the business of helping couples marry for over thirty years and looking forward to the next thirty too.

At Diamonds by CmpJewelry we strive day in and day out to be exactly those kinds of people. For our lovely clientele and for their partners in life to be. We are here with our expertise and real life passion for what we do. Because it is more than just jewelry, it is more than just a celebration. This? This is real – it is what real life is all about. The love songs and the movies, those are nothing compared to the real life fairy tales that we see around here. When two people come together for their happily ever after. Overall what we strive for is to bring you certainty, comfort and excellence. Not only in our products but also of course in our service. Knowing that our clients will come to us with their questions, dreams and partners.

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